Watch Vince Staples Talk About The Idea Of An Unmarried President On The Nightly Show

Rappers don’t always make the best panelists on Larry Wilmore’s Nightly Show; witness, for example, Scarface being weird. But last night, Wilmore included the young Long Beach rapper Vince Staples in a discussion about the idea of an unmarried person running for president, and Staples acquitted himself nicely. Staples wasn’t a force of nature like Killer Mike on Real Time With Bill Maher, and he wasn’t even that funny. But he carried himself with an easy conversational confidence and grace, and he was able to talk to a bunch of comedians about a bunch of topics without flinching. (I liked the assembled comics’ reaction to Staples’ revelation that he’s in a long-term relationship.) Watch Staples’ appearance below.

(via Pitchfork)

Staples’ album Summertime ’06 is out 6/30 on Blacksmith/Artium/Def Jam.