Watch Jon Hamm Feed Belle And Sebastian Gummy Bears Onstage At Bonnaroo

Although neither of them were officially scheduled to perform, Jon Hamm and Zach Galifianakis popped up completely unannounced at a number of different places during Bonnaroo yesterday. The duo performed together at the comedy tent, they sang a duet of “We Are The World” at the SuperJam, and they both also showed up at Belle And Sebastian’s set.

Galifianakis introduced the Scottish indie-pop legends as they came on stage, telling the crowd, “My name is Chad Farmhouse, I run Bonnaroo. We’re really excited to have one of the greatest bands of this generation … please welcome the glorious Belle and/or Sebastian,” before the band launched into “Nobody’s Empire” off of their newest album.

A few minutes later, Stuart Murdoch stopped to talk a little bit about seeing Hamm feed Galifianakis gummy bears in the comedy tent and feeling a bit jealous and left out, thinking, “Why doesn’t that ever happen to me? Why can’t I ever be fed gummy bears onstage by a famous person?” And then lo, Jon Hamm emerged, tossed some gummy bears into Murdoch’s mouth from across the stage, and wordlessly disappeared back into the night like some sort of gummy bear-hurling Batman.

I like the idea of Hamm and Galifianakis as a mysterious guerilla-comedy duo. You can watch both appearances below — Galifianakis shows up at the beginning of the video, and the Hamm incident starts around the 14:30 mark (via Pitchfork).