Samantha Urbani – “U Know I Know”

Back in April, former Friends leader and frequent Dev Hynes collaborator/muse Samantha Urbani shared “1 2 3 4,” a jam of a solo track that was produced by Test Icicles’ Sam Mehran and featured Hynes and one-time bandmate Matthew Molnar on backup. “U Know I Know,” Urbani’s follow-up to that track, only features credits from her and Mehran, so it’s a little less fuller-sounding, but packs in a lot of things to like. Urbani channels some serious attitude into her sing-rapping, which starts over some general choral ooh’s that eventually open up into a badass beat that recalls “Moments In Love.” There’s also some harmonizing in the chorus here that’s Dirty Projectors-worthy. Check it out below, and let’s hope this means we’ll be getting a full-length from Urbani sometime soon.