Uncle Kracker, Better Than Ezra, & Sugar Ray Join Forces For The Most ’90s Song Of 2015

This past week turned into hardcore ’90s nostalgia week so gradually we hardly even noticed. First, Smash Mouth’s frontman threw an incredible hissy fit about bread while the rest of the band tried to play “All Star.” Next, a new, kind of nauseating ’90s-themed music festival was unveiled. And then, Sharknado 2 co-star/Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath — who is still alive, yes — announced his upcoming solo album. And so, even though the following news is actually a month old (somehow we missed it?), it seems appropriate as the final jewel in the dubious crown of this trip down memory lane: Uncle Kracker, Better Than Ezra’s Kevin Griffin, and Mark McGrath have combined their powers, Voltron-style, to bring us a new summer smash entitled “B.Y.H.B.” That stands, of course, for “Bring Your Hot Body.” Yeah. I don’t think I can really do this nostalgia-fueled Franken-pop song justice with words, so just listen below, and thanks to Jezebel for bringing it to our attention. It’s really something.

The band calls itself Uncle Ezra Ray. They’re touring America this summer.