90s Fest Bringing Smash Mouth, Coolio, Pauly Shore, & Possibly Crystal Pepsi To Williamsburg

The ’80s are dead, long live the ’90s — at least until the next twenty year nostalgia cycle rolls around like clockwork. We’re already in the throes of it, but Williamsburg is ground zero for the changing of the guard, and now Brooklyn is getting its own ’90s-themed festival, filled with artists that you never thought you’d see again. Smash Mouth (with bread, hopefully), Coolio, Lisa Loeb, Naughty By Nature, Tonic, what’s left of Blind Melon, and a cover band called Saved By The 90s will all perform, and the whole thing will be hosted by former MTV VJ Pauly Shore.

Billboard reports that “other planned activities include giveaways from Seinfeld-inspired Instagram personality FuckJerry, a 90s-themed bedroom hosted by social media star Betches, a Nintendo Mario Kart tournament and an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest “Macarena” dance ever.”

And with the likely comeback of soda flop Crystal Pepsi, producer Marc Weinstein told Billboard that the festival “may be able to offer Crystal Pepsi-based cocktails to our guests in VIP.” (Guess the rest of the attendees will be stuck with boring old normal Pepsi!)

90s Fest will be held on 9/12 at 50 Kent in Willamsburg. Tickets are on sale today (6/17) starting at noon EST. You can pick them up here.