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London O’Connor is a 24-year-old NYC transplant with an uncanny understanding of existential pop. Not quite a rapper, not quite a singer, O’Connor’s voice thrums over beats and synths of his own design, ascribing to no creed, genre, or clear form. Often when artists define themselves by going so decidedly against the grain it comes off a shtick or bid for attention. That’s not the case when it comes to O?, O’Connor’s brief debut release. We premiered the syrupy, anti-technology PSA “Nobody Hangs Out Anymore” a few weeks ago, and also shared the moody, booming “Guts.” But if O? does anything, it dives even farther down the rabbit hole, wandering into off-kilter falsetto rants like “Steal” and the confessional sanctity of “Coordinates 00 36.” Whatever trails he wanders down, O’Connor is wholly himself. That in itself is a triumph. Listen below.

(via Complex)

O? is out today and you can download it here.