Raury – “Devil’s Whisper” Video

Raury’s latest single, “Devil’s Whisper,” unravels in three movements; the first part initiates with the 19-year-old musician singing from the perspective of the devil with the twanging enunciation that gestures back to his Southern origins, while the latter two parts follow Raury’s voice as it returns to its mortal body while the tempo gains momentum. Spitfire verses overwhelm the resounding chorus reminiscent of a work song (“you better run from the devil”) before Raury’s tone becomes increasingly defiant: “I’m not trying to be a preacher, I was never a reverend/ But I can take your ass to church and show you glimpses of heaven.” The accompanying video finds Raury battling demonic forces that’ve infiltrated the bodies of his fans and loved ones as darkened farmhouses molt into idyllic midday pastoral scenes. Andrew Donoho and Carlon Ramong direct, watch below.