Rick Ross Out Of Jail On $2 Million Bond

Rick Ross was arrested last week and charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault, and aggravated battery. Ross and his body guard, Nadrian James, reportedly got into a fight and pistol whipped two workers at his Georgia home. Initially, the court denied Ross bail but today TMZ reports that he has paid $2 million at his bond hearing to stop being held in Fayette County.

According to TMZ, Ross scraped the money together from the following sources: $1 million equity from the ex-Holyfield mansion he owns and another Georgia property, a $500,000 surety bond from a bail bondsman, and $500,000 in cold hard cash. The attorney for Ross reportedly promised the state that if Ross intimidated or threatened any witnesses, they’d hand over the entire Holyfield property.

The prosecution pressed the vicious aspect of the crime, alleging that Ross was upset that the worker — who also lives on the estate — had thrown a party and had people over for his birthday the night before without consulting his boss. Ross will have to wear a GPS ankle monitor while he’s out, and James is slated to remain in jail until 8/13 pending a hearing.

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