Watch Dave Grohl And Friends Cover Neil Young’s “Cinnamon Girl” At His Motorcycle Rally

In conjunction with the Foo Fighters’ blowout anniversary bash this weekend, Dave Grohl co-hosted a motorcycle rally because, well, he’s Dave Grohl. That’s just what he does. And because he’s Dave Grohl, he also decided to launch into a pair of iconic American tunes for the rally, despite his broken leg and looming 20th anniversary concert later that day. Grohl is not one to let a massive, several hour set stop him from giving a small crowd exactly what they want to hear — a near-perfect rendition of “Cinnamon Girl.” Say what you will about this guy, it’s so clear that he just fucking loves playing music that you have to respect that. Or maybe it’s just that “Cinnamon Girl” is my favorite Neil Young song, so I’m getting caught up in the spirit, who knows. He’s playing here with Foo Fighters’ Rami Jafee, noted Rolling Stones cover band enthusiast Jonny Kaplan, Blind Melon guitarist Christopher Thorn, and Pearl Jam drummer Dave Krusen. They also did “Miss You” by The Rolling Stones — which Foo Fighters also played at a surprise state fair covers set a couple months back — but so far there’s only video of “Cinnamon Girl.” You know we’ll update if the other song surfaces though. Watch it below.

You can get a different angle on “Cinnamon Girl” and hear the tail end of “Miss You” in the phone-shot video below: