DeJ Loaf – “Back Up” (Feat. Big Sean)

DeJ Loaf and Big Sean don’t have much in common except that they’re both from Detroit, but especially in hip-hop, where you’re from is a huge source of pride. For her new single with Sean “Back Up,” which leaked a few weeks ago but is officially out today, Loaf flips and samles another Detroit classic DJ Clent’s “Back Up Off Me.” Listening to the original just reinforces how incredible Dej Loaf is at making a simple hook sound like it’s a complex, catchy thing. Sean’s verse isn’t a clunker, but it’s nothing special either. He makes a salad dressing pun that even made me groan — and I love puns. The best part is probably when he shouts out “Queen DeJ.” Based off her recent collaborations with heavyweights like Lil Wayne and Young Thug, Loaf is coming for that crown full speed ahead. “Back Up” is another step toward the top, listen below.

DeJ Loaf’s forthcoming major label debut will be out via Columbia, hopefully some time this year.