Doe Paoro – “Growth/Decay”

Dao Parao teased her upcoming sophomore album with two tracks — “Traveling” and “The Wind” — that reflected the woodsy Wisconsin studio where she recorded much of it. Her next single, “Growth/Decay,” continues along the same line, and comes attached to the album’s official announcement. The record is called After, and was produced by Bon Iver’s S. Carey and BJ Burton. And while Justin Vernon wasn’t involved on this specific track — though he did produce “The Wind” — it wouldn’t come as a surprise to me if he had a hand in it in some way. It contains the same kind of sparse minimalism of his work, and that breakdown at the end of the track sounds like it was ripped straight out of a Bon Iver song. But Paoro brings enough of herself to the table, with lyrics that are both painterly and grounded, musing over the cycle of creation and destruction. Listen below.

01 “Traveling”
02 “Nostalgia”
03 “Growth/Decay”
04 “Hypotheticals”
05 “Outlines”
06 “Walking Backwards”
07 “Untethered”
08 “Nobody”
09 “Regret”
10 “Wake Up In Nowhere”

After is out 9/25 via Anti-.

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