Deradoorian – “The Eye”

There’s a driving urgency to “The Eye,” something that wasn’t really present on “A Beautiful Woman,” the first single we heard from Angel Deradoorian’s upcoming debut full-length, The Expanding Flower Planet. Whereas the lead single was comfortable in resting into the lilting choruses that she’s so good at constructing, “The Eye” pushes into them with a sense of impending doom. “Listen to the one you have become,” Deradoorian warns, her voice taking on a staccato rhythm. “The other way to be does not come easy/ The other way to be does not come for free.” A third of the way through the track, the backing instrumentation descends into a slowly pulsating beat, putting Deradoorian’s voice centerstage, before building itself back up to a sparkling finish. Listen below.

The Expanding Flower Planet is out 8/21 via Anticon.