Tyler, The Creator Says He’s Banned From Australia

Karl Walter/Getty Images

Tyler, The Creator Says He’s Banned From Australia

Karl Walter/Getty Images

Based off a few recent tweets, it appears that a a petition to keep Tyler, The Creator from performing in Australia has been successfully implemented. Here are the tweets from Tyler:

The woman who he tagged in the first tweet, Coralie Alison, is the Director of Operations for an Australian organization called Collective Shout. Their stated mission is to use grassroots campaigns to combat “the objectification of women and sexualization of girls in media, advertising and popular culture.” Collective Shout currently has a petition that asks the Immigration Minister of Australia to deny Tyler a Visa on the grounds that he fits the profile of a Controversial Visa Applicant. Here’s their brief description about the petition:

Our 2013 campaign against US misognyist pro-rape rapper Tyler the Creator was one of the most intense campaigns we’ve ever run. His incitement of violence towards one of our activists made headlines around the world and was cited when New Zealand Immigration authorities blocked his entry there last year.

Tyler the Creator plans to return to Australia this September. Collective Shout has written to the Immigration Minister asking him to deny his visa.

Let the Immigration Minister know where you stand. Read the letter and scroll down the page to add your name.

The petition also argues that allowing Tyler’s profit off the content of his lyrics is detrimental to the country and represents a danger to the community. Here’s an excerpt from their letter:

We believe the application by Tyler the Creator meets the Department’s definition of ‘Controversial Visa Applicant.’ Our views are based on the content of his song lyrics and his behavior during his July 2013 tour.

Tyler the Creator seeks to enter Australia in order to profit from the broadcasting and selling of these lyrics. While his activities are therefore commercial, the content of the product he sells propagates discriminatory ideas about women and other groups, and represent a danger to a segment of the Australian community on the potential basis of incitement to acts of hatred.

Tyler the Creator has received widespread media attention over the span of his career for misogynistic hate speech against women, as well as homophobia. He is renowned for his songs advocating rape and extreme violence against women, including murder, genital mutilation, stuffing them into car boots, trapping them in his basement, raping their corpses and burying their bodies.

For those unfamiliar, the petition includes samples of Tyler’s lyrics that are directly related to violent rape:

“Raquel treat me like my father like a f*ckin’ stranger, She still don’t know I made Sarah to strangle her, Not put her in danger and chop her up in the back of a Wrangler, All because she said no to homecoming.'”

“You’ll be down in earth quicker if you diss me tonight, I just wanna drag your lifeless body to the forest, And fornicate with it but that’s because I’m in love with you…c*nt.”

And more:

“F*ck Mary in her ass.. ha-ha.. yo, I tell her it’s my house, give her a tour, In my basement, and keep that bitch locked up in my storage, Rape her and record it, then edit it with more sh*t”

“You already know you’re dead, Ironic cause your lipstick is red, of course, I stuff you in the trunk”

“You call this sh*t rape but I think that rape’s fun, I just got one request, stop breathin”

“I wanna tie her body up and throw her in my basement, Keep her there, so nobody can wonder where her face went, (Tyler, what you doin’?) Shut the f*ck up, You gon’ f*ckin’ love me bitch, Sh*t, I don’t give a f*ck, your family lookin’ for you, wish ‘em good luck, Bitch, you tried to play me like a dummy, Now you stuck up in my motherf*ckin’ basement all bloody, And I’m f*ckin’ your dead body, your coochie all cummy, Lookin’ in your dead eyes, what the f*ck you want from me?”

You can read the full lengthy letter here, complete with comments from signees. The petitioners cite Australia’s Commonwealth Government’s National Plan of Action to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children 2010-2022 as directly conflicting with the message of Odd Future. According to their reasoning, allowing a performer who glorifies misogyny to perform in the country counteracts the goals of this plan, and essentially, continues to cost the government money that’s spent on The Plan (as well as the cost of rehabilitating women and children involved in violent or sexual crimes).

Previously, Odd Future were banned from New Zealand, and Collective Shout also list several other times they’ve successfully petitioned to keep the group out of their country. One petitioner from back then, Talitha Stone, was repeatedly threatened both by Odd Future fans and Tyler himself.

As this story goes live, there are 1,589 signatures. There is nothing updated on the website as of now to indicate that the petition has passed. We’ve reached out to representatives of Odd Future for comment, as well as to Collective Shout and will update with more information when we have it.

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