Wet – “You’re The Best” Video

The transcendent “Deadwater” and its video had us rhapsodizing about Wet’s upcoming Don’t You. The album’s second single will not be not new to longtime Wet fans, but it’s just as good. The Massachusetts trio re-recorded 2013 EP track “You’re The Best,” and gave it a new video to replace the original clip. The emotive-android harmonies and lightweight groove of the first recording remain intact, but this latest video is set at a roller rink, as Kelly Zutrau explains to Billboard:

We’ve been skating a lot in our town because there’s not too much to do at night. One night we were just at the mall skating and I took a video of Joe doing a trick and we realized it would make the perfect video for “You’re The Best.”

Watch it below.

Don’t You is coming at an undetermined date via Columbia, and baby, it’s the best.

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