Montage Of Heck Album Includes Kurt Cobain Demos, Comedy Sketch

Montage Of Heck, Brett Morgen’s Emmy-nominated, Buzzo-defecated Kurt Cobain documentary, will soon generate a spinoff album around the time of its home video release this November. Today Morgen shared some details about the album with Billboard: It will function as the official movie soundtrack and will include all the previously unreleased music from the film plus a dozen more Cobain demos, “audio montages that Kurt Cobain created,” and Cobain banter including “a sketch comedy routine featuring Kurt voicing all of the characters.” Morgen says the collection will paint a lighter portrait of Cobain than you might expect and that the music ranges “from thrash to ragtime and everything in between… Most of it is in a space that will be familiar to Nirvana fans.”

Montage Of Heck begins its theatrical run this Friday, 8/7.

UPDATE: The album will be out 11/6, the same day as the DVD release.