Vic Mensa – “Heat It Up (Freestyle)”

Vic Mensa has been heated lately, and on his second freestyle in a week he’s hotter than ever. Seriously, maybe this guy should consider doing a whole album of freestyles; the energy here is better than “U Mad” or his somewhat slurry “Wolves” feature.

There’s a backhanded shot at Future here — “I do not respond / I’m like Ciara to that shit / So what?” but the full brunt of Mensa’s anger seems directed toward the accusations of plagiarism leveled at him by French rapper Monsieur Glace (Translation: Mr. Ice) regarding “U Mad.” Relevant lines: “How do they accuse me of plagiarizing shit that no one has heard? I guess that’s just an excuse for ya’ll to put my name in your words,” and later, “Bonjour to the fuck n—-s on Complex trying to hike views,” possibly in response to their further reporting on the topic. He’s got a point — to call Glace obscure is generous. Between this and his comments about Oasis, Mensa has definitely been airing out his hot temper this week. And he’s really never sounded better.

Listen via Apple Music.

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