Oasis Are Racist Dickheads Says Vic Mensa

Vic Mensa has been great for many years now, but thanks to his recent collaboration with Kanye West, the 22-year-old Chicago rapper is veering toward household name status. (And yes, his SaveMoney affiliate Chance The Rapper is proud.) But as a close affiliate of Kanye, Mensa has some choice words for frequent-opinion-haver Noel Gallagher and his ex-Oasis-bandmate brother, Liam.

Speaking to The Guardian about his life since he signed with Roc Nation and all that controversy that swirled around Kanye’s Glastonbury performance, Mensa had this to say about Oasis:

I had a little thing where I said: ‘Fuck one of the Gallagher brothers’ on Twitter, and I was getting posted on blogs for “starting a beef” or something. I mean, whatever. Those guys are legends, but also dickheads. Ultimate dickheads. I saw they were mad Kanye played Glastonbury. They were mad when Jay Z played too. Feels very racist to me. They’re gonna say: ‘No it’s not about race, it’s about guitar music, it’s about rock’n’roll, but I mean like, how many people do you feel are carrying the spirit of rock’n’roll in 2015? Would you not say that Yeezus, and a song like “Black Skinhead,” is carrying the spirit of rock’n’roll? I can’t understand how that’s not fucking rock’n’roll.

Mensa’s opinion makes sense — see Liam Gallagher’s tweets for instance — but that’s not quite the whole story. Though Noel Gallagher did clown Kanye’s tiff with Beck at the Grammys this year and expressed that he got bored of Kanye’s Glastonbury set after 45 minutes, he also said those first 45 minutes were “as good as it gets,” and he’s on the record as a huge fan of Yeezus, specifically “Black Skinhead.”