Beach House – “PPP” & “Beyond Love”

Beach House – “PPP” & “Beyond Love”

Baltimore dream-pop royalty Beach House are about to release their new album, Depression Cherry, in a few weeks. We’ve already heard lead single “Sparks” and some all-too-short previews of “PPP” And “Beyond Love,” and now the band have shared the latter two songs in full — albeit in a bit of sneaky, roundabout way. They’ve just added a couple of nifty new features to the official Beach House website, one of them being a “Single Finder.” As they explain via Facebook post:

For us, it’s always a strange moment when a single has to be chosen. No one song ever feels like a prefect representative for a record. This device allows you all to choose the 3 songs you have enjoyed most in the past and have a “single” chosen for you based loosely on what we consider to be musical similarities. enjoy

If you go to the site here, it asks you to rank your top three favorite Beach House songs, and then it selects and starts playing the song from Depression Cherry that you will supposedly enjoy the most. After a bit of playing around with the tool, it seems that the only songs on it right now are “PPP” and “Beyond Love” — which are both gorgeous — along with the previously released “Sparks.” To help you out: if you pick “Irene,” “Wherever You Go,” and “Equal Mind,” it’ll play “PPP,” and if you pick “Other People,” “The Hours,” and “Troublemaker,” it’ll play “Beyond Love.” Have fun!

The other new feature on the site — which is also cool! — is the “Setlist Creator.” Here’s their description of that, also from Facebook:

While on tour, we change our setlist every night and certain songs get played only a few times per tour. This device will allow us to know if there is a large number of people wanting to hear a certain song in any one place. It’s not that we will definitely follow it, but it will certainly influence our set lists…… maybe 50 people in milwaukee want to hear a song we made 10 years ago?!?!
Choose the “setlist creator” next to the show you are going to and follow the directions there…………..Thanks

The tool lets you select a specific upcoming tour date and then request three songs that you want them to play at the show. Check it out here.

Depression Cherry is out 8/28 via Sub Pop. If you pre-order it here at the Sub Pop Mega Mart, you can stream the whole album starting Tuesday, 8/11 at 9PM PDT.

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