The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – “January 10th, 2014″ Video

“January 10th, 2014″ — the lead single from The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die’s sophomore album, Harmlessness — extrapolates two mythologies. The first: Diana Hunter Of Bus Drivers, the true story of a lone individual taking action in response to decades of sexual violence on the woman of Juárez, Mexico at the hands of the city’s late-night bus drivers. It’s the stuff that’s bound to become a chilling and empowering urban legend with time. The second: Diana (or Artemis, depending on your classics preference) The Warrior Goddess, who exacts revenge on all those who have wronged her. That legend has already stood the test of time and, in the video and lyrics for “January 10th, 2014,” both of these tales play out side-by-side. It’s the kind of heady but powerful concept that made TWIABP’s debut, Whatever, If Ever, so satisfying to sink your teeth into, and it looks like that trend will continue on their followup. Check out the new track via NPR below.

Vocalist David Bello provides some more context:

‘January 10th, 2014′ is a song about retaliation against predators. The character in the song, Diana, is based on the story of a woman from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico who avenged unprosecuted and largely ignored sexual assaults being committed by bus drivers on their routes. The video replaces the real life Diana with Dianic Wiccans who protect themselves using hexes and their own spirituality. The male character in the video is a predator, and therefore must be destroyed.

01 “You Can’t Live There Forever”
02 “blank #11″
03 “January 10th, 2014″
04 “The Word Lisa”
05 “Rage Against The Dying Of The Light”
06 “Ra Patera Dance”
07 “Mental Health”
08 “Wendover”
09 “We Need More Skulls”
10 “Haircuts For Everybody”
11 “Willie (For Howard)”
12 “I Can Be Afraid Of Anything”
13 “Mount Hum”

Harmlessness is out 9/25 via Epitaph. Preorder it here.