Coldplay’s A Head Full Of Dreams Appears Imminent

Coldplay have been teasing a new album called A Head Full Of Dreams since last December, when Chris Martin hinted that it might be the band’s final album. They’ve been working on the album at least since May, and now the project’s release seems imminent. For one thing, the new issue of Rolling Stone lists Coldplay among its anticipated fall releases (along with Keith Richards — never change, Jann Wenner). Notably, Adele is on there too, so maybe her much-anticipated 21 follow-up is coming soon as well. Anyway, here’s the visual evidence:

Coldplay are also scheduled to play their first show in nine months at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in September. Could they be pulling a Wilco, surprise-releasing a new album just in time to debut it at a fest? Doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility, especially considering most musicians of Coldplay’s celebrity are opting for surprise releases these days. In the meantime, go revisit last year’s Ghost Stories; “Magic” remains a truly gorgeous piece of work.

UPDATE 9/15: Reddit points to this Atlas Project tweet linking to this Spanish-language article. Long story short, Coldplay recently shot the video for a song called “A Head Full Of Dreams” in India, and it will be released in October. Check out some images from the color-splattered shoot below via UltraSonora.

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