Pictureplane – “Technomancer”

Pictureplane – “Technomancer”

It’s been four years since Brooklyn-via-Denver warehouse art-dance producer Pictureplane released Thee Physical, his last album. This summer, he dropped the new single “Hyper Real.” And now he’s announcing plans to finally bless us with a whole album, the kind-of-hilariously titled Technomancer. The album has tracks with names like “Esoterrorist” and “Riot Porn,” and the title track is a sort of seething, pulsating synthpop banger. Listen to it and check out the album’s tracklist below.

01 “Sick Machine”
02 “Esoterrorist”
03 “Joyrider”
04 “Death Condition”
05 “Street Pressure”
06 “Harsh Realm”
07 “Self Control”
08 “Chaos Radical”
09 “Technomancer”
10 “Riot Porn”

Technomancer is out 10/30 on Anticon.

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