Attn. Moms: Hozier Covered Sam Smith

As soon as I’m done writing this post I’m going to send it to my mom — I’m that positive she will love this. As much as I wish she was listening to the new Joanna Newsom song or checking out Patty Griffin’s “Rider Of Days,” she definitely is 100 percent all-in on anything Sam Smith. And maybe that’s totally okay? Maybe that’s what those artists are here for anyway, the stage in your life when listening to the song that the rest of the moms all over the country are rocking out to is more meaningful than connecting with an obscure folk artist your daughter worships.

I’m not as sure if my mom has been taken to church by Hozier’s stomp-electro-folk, she probably will like that too. And if her introduction to him is this revved up falsetto-and-funk-guitar cover of Smith’s heartbreaker “Lay Me Down” for the BBC 1 Live Lounge, that’ll only help his case. Watch it below if you’re a mom, or if you love to hate on Hozier and Sam Smith, or if your morbid curiosity brought you here for another unknown reason. Oh and in case you’re wondering, Sam Smith is a fan of both Hozier and this cover.

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