Shelf Life – “Double Dare”

Scotty Leitch will release his debut album as Shelf Life, Everyone Make Happy, in a few weeks. The tracks we’ve heard from it so far — “The Curse” and “Sinking Just Right” — have sounded a lot like Alex G, which makes sense because the Philadelphia-based songwriter drummed with him for a while. His newest, “Double Dare,” is much of the same, but that’s a-OK, because Leitch’s skill and lyricism shine through. The song flops around like a wet newspaper, as Leitch goes on with the naiveté and mean streak of a suburban high school youth: “Meet me at the mall later on/ I will have my new Slayer shirt on/ Tell your dad not to drop you off out front/ Wear something black, or we’ll lose you on purpose.” Listen below.

Everyone Make Happy is out 9/18 via Lefse Records.

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