Majical Cloudz – “Silver Car Crash” Video

We named the debut single off of Majical Cloudz’s forthcoming album one of the best songs of the week not long ago for its ability to capture the terrifying, exciting early moments of a relationship. This is a song about being afraid of falling in love and at the same time lacking the ability to resist it. Whether or not it’s intentional, “Silver Car Crash” is a romantic and tongue-in-cheek story that casts a sidelong glance at the Smiths’ “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” as well as J.G. Ballard’s Crash (which is perhaps better known through David Cronenberg’s 1996 film adaption). The accompanying video is a stripped-down, hyper-minimal interpretation of what could be a wildly violent visual interpretation. It’s not as striking as other Majical Cloudz videos, but there’s a fragile intimacy to it that’s almost as appealing, namely due to the fact that it was directed by both Devon Welsh and his friend Neil Corcoran, who is the subject of the excellent Majical Cloudz song “What That Was.” Welsh said the following about the making of the video:

We shot this video in Montreal with Neil Corcoran. We used his camera as well as my friend Kyle’s camera. It’s very home-made, shot quickly. I mainly believe in videos as an expression of the artist(s) themselves, and this is the video I wanted to make. It’s not flashy or spectacular, but I think it does the mood of the band justice, which is most important to me. In any case, I made it myself so that it feels good to put it out.

Watch below.

Are You Alone? is out 10/16 via Matador. Pre-order it here, and if you’re in NYC, check out Majical Cloudz’s album release show 10/21 at National Sawdust.