Authentic Paul Simon Tribute Closes Out Stephen Colbert’s First Week

As soon as it was announced that the first proper band appearing on Stephen Colbert’s version of the Late Show would be a mysterious Paul Simon tribute act called Troubled Waters, it was kind of assumed to be a joke. Maybe it was a reunited Pavement, or maybe it was sort-of-actual-Paul-Simon-tribute-act Vampire Weekend? Speculation abounded! But no, it turned out that Troubled Waters’ lead singer “Alan” was none other than Paul Simon himself (Colbert: “Can I call you Al?”), and he closed out the first week of the new Late Show with performances of “Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard” and “American Tune.” Colbert — who has some experience with tribute bands himself — fulfilled his dream of doing the whistling solo on “Me And Julio” and also joined in for a verse. Watch below.