Kelela – “Rewind” Video

After a long delay, Hallucinogen, the much-anticipated space-R&B EP from the young L.A. phenom Kelela, is finally coming out next month. And now she’s followed the stunning video for her Arca-produced “A Message” with a new clip for “Rewind,” the lucious and breezy dance track that she shared a couple of weeks ago. Eric K. Yue directed the video, pointing his camera at Kelela to the exclusion of all else. We see her floating down abandoned hallways and dancing through nightclubs, with harsh flickering electric light following her everywhere. The video makes her look iconic, which, if you’ve ever seen her perform, is not that difficult of a task. Check it out below.

Hallucinogen is out 10/9 on Cherry Coffee/Warp.