NZCA LINES – “Persephone Dreams” (Stereogum Premiere)

NZCA LINES - "Persephone Dreams" (Stereogum Premiere)

NZCA LINES is the budding solo project of Michael Lovett, a Londoner who played with Metronomy on their last tour. He’s dropping an album called Infinite Summer next January, and you can hear the fruits of that stint with Metronomy in the slick synth-pop of his latest single “Persephone Dreams.” The track starts off with an upbeat and glossy electro funk. Midway, it shifts into sprawling, semi-supernatural territory with a sliding electric guitar solo and tropical steel drums. NZCA Lines takes its name from the Nazca Lines of Peru, a series of ancient hieroglyphs that stretch over 50 miles across arid plateaus and plains. You can catch a trace of Lovett’s interest in the bizarre wonders of the world in the song’s mythical feel. Listen below.

01 “Approach”
02 “Persephone Dreams”
03 “Chemical Is Obvious”
04 “Two Hearts”
05 “Infinite Summer”
06 “New Atmosphere”
07 “Sunlight”
08 “How Long Does It Take”
09 “Jessica”
10 “Do It Better”
11 “Dark Horizon”
12 “The World You Have Made For Us”

Infinite Summer is out 1/22/16 on Memphis Industries. Pre-order it here.

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