Will Butler – “Anna” Video (Feat. Emma Stone)

Will Butler released his first solo album, Policy, back in March. The record’s second single, the infectious new wave track “Anna,” already has a video — and it’s a pretty good one, a single unbroken shot of Butler dancing around in a suit under some nifty hand-drawn effects. But, as promised, the song has now been given a second video, this time starring Emma Stone. (The new video again centers on dancing, which makes sense, because it’s a super danceable song.) Directed by Brantley Gutierrez and choreographed by Ryan Heffington, the guy responsible for Sia’s hypnotic “Chandelier” video, the clip features Stone and a whole bunch of sailors performing a pretty impressive musical theater-esque dance routine aboard the 1936 ocean liner RMS Queen Mary. According to Billboard, where the video premiered, it’s loosely based off of the legend of “the Lady in White,” a dancing ghost who supposedly haunts the ship. Watch below.

Emma Stone and her ex Andrew Garfield are noted Arcade Fire fans, and Garfield starred in the video for Reflektor’s “We Exist” last year. Will Butler’s Policy is out now on Merge.