The Decemberists – “Cavalry Captain” Video

Today, the Decemberists release their new EP Florasongs, a set of tracks that came from the same sessions that gave us their recent album What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World. We’ve posted their song “Why Would I Now?,” and now they’ve shared a video for the horn-laced EP track “Cavalry Captain.” After the band spoofed ’70s talk shows with their “Make You Better” video earlier this year, it was only a short leap over into the world of sci-fi cult ’70s infomercials. Colin Meloy stars as the founder of Decemberism, a flim-flam man getting rich off of other people’s longings. The video has all the cheesy graphics and static of an old infomercial accidentally captured on VHS tape. Check it out below.

Florasongs is out now. The “Cavalry Captain” YouTube caption says that you can learn more about Decemberism by calling 971-23-ALIVE, but, um, I’m not going to do that.