Field Music – “The Noisy Days Are Over”

Jittery British indie-poppers Field Music have a new album coming out early next year, their first since 2012 (not counting this year’s documentary soundtrack Music For Drifters). It’s called Commontime, and its first single, “The Noisy Days Are Over,” has arrived today. Peter and David Brewis frame the song as a conversation between two friends, one trying to convince the other that it’s time to grow up, stop partying so hard, and “get to bed like everybody else,” and as the album’s lead single and opening track, it could be taken as a thesis statement. But although it is a big, bright, immediately appealing slice of unabashed pop, it’s still propelled along by the same weird, wiry energy as ever (and some skronky saxophones). Maybe the noisy days aren’t completely over just yet? Listen below.

01 “The Noisy Days Are Over”
02 “Disappointed”
03 “But Not For You”
04 “I’m Glad”
05 “Don’t You Want To Know What’s Wrong?”
06 “How Should I Know If You’ve Changed?”
07 “Trouble At The Lights”
08 “They Want You To Remember”
09 “It’s A Good Thing”
10 “The Morning Is Waiting”
11 “Indeed It Is”
12 “That’s Close Enough For Now”
13 “Same Name”
14 “Stay Awake”

Commontime is out 2/5 via Memphis Industries. You can pre-order it here.

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