Rick Ross Thinks Adele’s “Hello” Could Use A Little More Rick Ross

Last week, Adele’s grand, sweeping new power ballad “Hello” came out and left a smoking asteroid-sized hole in the pop landscape. The song is already on track to set iTunes-download records, and radio stations have already thrown it into heavy rotation, so it’s nice to report that it’s also a really good song. But Rick Ross believes that the song was missing something, and that something is Rick Ross. Ross has now recorded his own version of “Hello,” explaining on Twitter: “Salute Adele. I remixed her vibe.” In a way, the Ross version actually works. He knows how to rap slowly and contemplatively enough that he doesn’t disrupt the song’s machinery, even if he is talking pure money-talk nonsense: “Tears fall all the way to the South of France / Poverty line hang lower than my pants.” The funniest part, though, is hearing Ross’ “M-M-M-Maybach Music” drops over Adele’s stately howl. Listen below.

Funny thing: The Ross remix will give “Hello” help that it didn’t need, since rap stations, one of the few formats that wouldn’t necessarily play the song, might now play this Ross remix. In any case, Adele’s 25 is out 11/20.

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