Stream Palm Trading Basics

Palm like the hand, Palm like the band. The Philadelphia-via-Bard quartet practice in spiraling, nervy compositions on their debut full-length, Trading Basics — if “compositions” seems like too strong a word to describe what level this band is operating at, look no further than dense and tense album track “Second Ward,” a lesson in catch-and-release. Then dive deep into previously released singles “Crank,” “Ankles,” and “Doggy Doctor.” It’s that kind of complicated, satisfying interplay that led us to name them both a Band To Watch and a best new band, and their itchy brand of rock never tires over the 40-some minutes they have to impress on their debut. Weird on the surface only, repeated listens reveal how tightly-wound and well-thought out all of these tracks are. Check out the whole record via Spin below.

Trading Basics is out 11/6 via Inflated Records/Exploding In Sound Records.

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