WoodzSTHLM – “Woman” (Feat. Night Beds)

WoodzSthlm - "Woman" (Feat. Night Beds)

I’m not sure how to pronounce the name of Swedish producer WoodzSTHLM. That aside, his handle on electronic music’s evocative power is clear as ever. “Woman,” his latest collaboration with fellow romantic Winston Yellon of Night Beds, conveys a profound sense of loss. Instead of centralizing the track around a heavy bass and verse-chorus structure, it follows an expressive and nonlinear approach. Beats vanish halfway through. After a momentary respite with delicate piano playing and Yellon’s yearning “On second thought I need you/ On second thought I need you,” an outpouring of strings overtakes everything. It’s quite affecting, and proves that his upcoming EP Lighthouse is one to look forward to. Listen.

Lighthouse is out 11/20 on Mångata Records.