Watch Bruce Springsteen Tell A Dirty Joke, Play “Darlington Country” At The Stand Up For Heroes Benefit

Last night, the New York Comedy Festival and the Bob Woodruff Foundation hosted Stand Up For Heroes, a big show that raised money for injured veterans, at Madison Square Garden. Most of the event’s big names were comedians: Ray Romano, Seth Meyers, John Oliver, a grizzled post-retirement Jon Stewart. But the show also featured a very big musical guest: Local deity and Stewart buddy Bruce Springsteen, who played a quick acoustic set, told a few dirty jokes, and rode an about-to-be-auctioned-off motorcycle onstage. Below, watch fan-made footage of Springsteen playing “Darlington County” and “Working On A Highway.” And before “Working On A Highway,” watch him showing off his joke game.

Springsteen is out here telling ancient locker-room jokes on a bill with famous comedians. Springsteen don’t give a fuck. He tells bad jokes at this very event every year; bless him.