Florist – “The Birds Outside Sang”

Florist’s Holdly EP — the one that led us to name them both a Band To Watch and a best new band — was actually recorded after their upcoming debut, as a stop-gap due to vinyl production delays. That makes The Birds Outside Sang their first full-length statement as a group, and they rise to expectation on its title track, which is more expansive and developed than anything on their previous releases. Everything is still tethered to Emily Sprague’s lithe vocals and weighty lyrics, but the song takes flight around her, each note exhaling with a Porches sense of longing. “Wasn’t the joke on me when I started to bleed?” she asks, building to a calming dissonance before dropping out with an invitation: “Do you and your friends want to come come into the field and watch the fireworks shoot up into the air?” Florist create some fireworks of their own here, but that’s ripped away as all of the oxygen is sucked out of the track at the very end. Listen via Spin below.

01 “Dark Light”
02 “I Was”
03 “Rings Grow”
04 “A Hospital + Crucifix Made Of Plastic”
05 “Thank You”
06 “The Birds Outside Sang”
07 “White Light Doorway”
08 “Cold Lake Quiet Dreams”
09 “1914”
10 “Dust Inside The Light”
11 “Only A Prayer Nothing More”

The Birds Outside Sang is out 1/29 via Double Double Whammy.

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