Walter Martin – “Jobs I Had Before I Got Rich & Famous”

When the Walkmen announced their hiatus in 2013, Walter Martin told us that he planned to release an album of music for children. It wasn’t an LP designed to counter Raffi’s reign; instead, Martin presented us with a collection of songs that adults and children could both understand well and listen to together. And so, he released We’re All Young Together in the spring of 2014, which featured a great collaboration with the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O titled “Sing To Me” as well as “We Like The Zoo (‘Cause We’re Animals Too)” which he sang alongside Matt Berninger. Martin recently announced that he will release a full-length solo album net year via his own label Ile Flottante, and though the music won’t be geared toward children, the album’s first single “Jobs I Had Before I Got Rich & Famous” is a simply-rendered, relatable ditty that’s equally funny and self-deprecating. Martin’s promoting the song via LinkedIn (as a joke, of course) and his bio reads as follows:

Hi I’m Walter Martin. I’m a professional musician. Before that I was a museum switchboard operator. And a pizza delivery guy. And a florist. And a lawn mower. I wrote a song about all that. It’s called “Jobs I Had Before I Got Rich & Famous.”

Listen to “Jobs I Had Before I Got Rich & Famous” below.

Arts & Leisure is out 1/29 via Ile Flottante.