Animal Collective Are Debuting Their New Album At The Baltimore Airport Right Now

Over the past week, Animal Collective have been teasing their new album, which they finished recording back in July, on their Instagram account. Their latest dispatch featured the cryptic hint “ItsintheAirifyoucanFindit” and today, through a series of a few more Instagrams, it’s been revealed that the Baltimore-Washington International Airport is currently playing the new record on a loop.

Matt Baetz, Avey Tare’s cousin and a comedian, sent out the following message a few hours ago: “@aveytare_voiceofthefly is it just me or did I hear the NEW animal collective record at, of all places, @bwiairport ??? Hehehe.” And Avey Tare responded in kind:

@mattbaetz1 YouFoundUs?

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Baetz’s Instagram description is now updated to read the following: “The album is worth the trek and can be heard best in the bathrooms some observation areas pre security and the big lounge after security,” and he adds that it will be playing until 6PM.

So, if you’re in the area (or flying in for the holidays!), try to go and listen!

Thanks to reader Michael Bailey for sending in a tip!

UPDATE: A Brooklyn Vegan writer was in the airport and Shazammed what was playing over the speakers. These were the the results:

Avey Tare clarified in a comment on his Instagram post: “TheRecordisnotcalledFloridada! ThatsASong!ItsAlsoanIdea!!anIdeal!butitisontherecord!!fortherecord.”