Littler – “Not My Market”

Sometimes, the only way to remedy a bad day is by curling up in the fetal position and exhaling a deep, guttural sigh. I do this often, and then afterwards, I listen to music that has the bratty, defiant vocal inflection of 20-somethings who are mad at everyone and just want to be left alone. The more self-righteous, the better. Littler’s new single, “Not My Market,” is that kind of song. Madeline Meyer and Dan Colanduno harmonize about the weirdos that plague their lives and the inevitable rejection that comes when you try nuzzling up to the wrong person. “You’re not my market anyway,” they retort. Littler will release their full-length, Of Wandering, in the spring of 2016. Hear its first single “Somewhere Else” and check out “Not My Market” below via Post-Trash.

Of Wandering is due out in the Spring of 2016 via Birdtapes.

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