Sioux Falls – “Soaked In Sleep”

“Soaked In Sleep” is a little shaggy compared to “Dom,” the tight lead single from Sioux Fall’s upcoming debut album, Rot Forever. That one had more of a narrative hook to latch onto, but the Portland band’s next one feels a little more inferential: “Can you stay? Hang out in my head, staring at the ceiling all day,” Issac Eiger kicks off, sharing sentiments that could be applied to practically anyone. “I’m not sick, I feel better than I usually do,” he remarks soon after. Then the song bursts into that high-pitched, nasally squeal of a hook, which eventually just devolves into a wordless “ooh,” completely lost in thought while still maintaining a self-assured structure. Listen below.

Rot Forever is out 2/19 via Broken World Media/Standard Brickhouse.

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