Preview Blood Orange’s New Album, Hear Clips From His Benefit Shows At The Apollo

Earlier this month, Dev Hynes performed two Blood Orange & Friends benefit shows at Harlem’s Apollo Theater, joined by Solange Knowles, Nelly Furtado, Despot, and others, with all the proceeds going to support the Opus 118 Harlem School Of Music. Hynes worked with Yours Truly to document the experience in an hour-long show for Beats 1, featuring live recordings of the performances along with interviews, behind-the-scenes audio, and snippets of his upcoming third Blood Orange album. The show also features two new songs: “Hadron Collider,” his collaboration with Nelly Furtado released only on cassettes sold at the shows, and “E.V.P.,” an unreleased collaboration with Dutch artist Bea1991, which you can hear at 31:50 and 48:00, respectively. Listen via Apple Music here, and check out the full list of songs included in the program below.

“You’re Not Good Enough”
“Everything Is Embarrassing”
“Sutphin Bouelvard”
“Hadron Collider” (Feat. Nelly Furtado)
“Say It Right”
“Sandra’s Smile”
“Clipped On” (Feat. Despot)
“E.V.P.” (Feat. Bea 1991)
“Uncle Ace”