Mogwai – “U-235″

Mogwai just released a career-spanning comp and lost a longtime member, but the Scottish post-rock OGs aren’t slowing down at the two-decade mark. Rather, a new album called Atomic is on the way, comprising reworked versions of the band’s soundtrack for the nuclear warfare documentary of the same name. You will not be surprised to learn that lead single “U-235″ is a creeping, dramatic piece of work that absolutely feels like a film score — that’s basically been Mogwai’s wheelhouse since long before they were making actual movie music, and their expertise shines through here. Listen below.

01 “Ether”
02 “SCRAM”
03 “Bitterness Centrifuge”
04 “U-235″
05 “Pripyat”
06 “Weak Force”
07 “Little Boy”
08 “Are You A Dancer?”
09 “Tzar”
10 “Fat Man”

Atomic is out 4/1 on Rock Action. Pre-order through the label, iTunes, Amazon (CD), or Amazon again (vinyl).

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