Mogwai – “Helicon 1″ Video

This is not a new song from Mogwai; in fact, it’s a very old one. But it is the start of a new era for the Scottish post-rock group, who will ring in their 20th year together this summer. Like many legacy acts, they’re releasing a career-spanning album to commemorate the anniversary. It’s called Central Belters and will be a 3xCD and 6xLP set. Along with this, they’ve released a new video for 1997 single “New Paths To Helicon, Pt. 1,” more commonly known as “Helicon 1.” The visual was shot by Craig Murray, who also worked with the band on the video for “Teenage Exorcists.” Murray pieced this clip together from 35mm stills taken in Okinawa, Kyoto, and Osaka, and talks a little bit about that process:

The film you see is made from 100% 35mm stills which I shot off the screen: I used about 100+ rolls which were all individually scanned. All effects you see in the film are physical workings of the negatives (scanner compositing, scratching, liquids etc.). Given the logistics of shooting everything discreetly and also in the sea, the original footage was all shot on an iPhone and a go-pro, with some addition animation using 35mm.

Watch the video and check out the complete tracklist for the release below.

Central Belters tracklist:

CD 1
01 “Summer”
02 “Helicon 1″
03 “CODY”
04 “Christmas Steps”
05 “I Know You Are But What Am I?”
06 “Hunted By A Freak”
07 “Stanley Kubrick”
08 “Take Me Somewhere Nice”
09 “2 Rights Make 1 Wrong”
10 “Mogwai Fear Satan”

CD 2

01 “Auto Rock”
02 “Travel Is Dangerous”
03 “Friend Of The Night”
04 “We’re No Here”
05 “I’m Jim Morrison, I’m Dead”
06 “The Sun Smells Too Loud”
07 “Batcat”
08 “Mexican Grand Prix”
09 “Rano Pano”
10 “How To Be A Werewolf”
11 “Wizard Motor”
12 “Remurdered”
13 “The Lord Is Out Of Control”
14 “Teenage Exorcists”

CD 3

01 “Hugh Dallas”
02 “Half Time”
03 “Burn Girl Prom Queen”
04 “Devil Rides”
05 “Hasenheide”
06 “Tell Everybody That I Love Them”
07 “Earth Division”
08 “Hungry Face”
09 “D to E”
10 “My Father My King”

Central Belters is out 10/9 via the band’s own Rock Action label.