Robert Pollard – “My Daughter Yes She Knows” (Stereogum Premiere)

You don’t need a blog post to tell you Robert Pollard is releasing a new album soon — that’s just a perpetual fact of life — but this post is useful for the purposes of hearing that album’s high-quality lead single. Of Course You Are arrives in March, and it’s billed as a Pollard solo joint rather than one of the other various guises the former Guided By Voices frontman sometimes adopts. The song he’s sharing today, “My Daughter Yes She Knows,” builds a gnarly minor-key groove around a snaky guitar riff and tops it off with one of those Pollard vocal lines you’ll be humming for days regardless if you know what he’s singing about. This is the former GBV leader at his best.

Of Course You Are is out 3/4 on Fire America. Pre-order it at Bandcamp or through the label.

CREDIT: Terri Nelles