Sturgill Simpson – “Sugar Daddy” (Theme To HBO’s Vinyl)

This weekend, HBO will debut Vinyl, the new drama, produced by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger, about the music industry in the ’70s. The show’s soundtrack is set to feature new songs from big names like Iggy Pop and Chris Cornell, but the theme song comes from a relative newcomer: Sturgill Simpson, the old-school outlaw-country traveler who’s effectively captured the far-out spirit of the coolest corners of ’70s country music. But there’s very little country about “Sugar Daddy,” Simpson’s theme for the show. Instead, it’s a charged-up riff-heavy Southern rock choogler that sounds like it’s been beamed in directly from Sons Of Anarchy. Listen to it below.

The Vinyl soundtrack album is out tomorrow on Atlantic/Warner Bros., and the show debuts Sunday night on HBO.