Stream Prins Thomas Principe Del Norte

If you recognize the name of the Norwegian producer Prins Thomas, it’s probably because of his work with space-disco master Hans-Peter Lindstrøm. And Thomas’ own music definitely tends toward the space-disco, as well. But on his new solo album Principe Del Norte, Thomas goes all the way in on the “space” side of that equation. Principe Del Norte is a long, expansive, zoned-out collection of instrumentals, the shortest of which is almost eight minutes and the longest of which is 14 minutes. Its nine tracks span 96 minutes, and all of them pulse beautifully, creating a mood rather than forcing you onto the dancefloor. On the album, you’ll hear echoes of krautrock, Spacemen 3, and the “ambient house” that groups like the Orb were making in the early ’90s. The music on this album won’t grab your attention immediately, but it might be a while before you hear better background music. We’ve posted the early tracks “B” and “A2,” and now you can stream the entire album below, via NPR.

Principe Del Norte is out on 2/19 on Smalltown Supersound.

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