Kanye Begs Mark Zuckerberg For Money In Latest Tweetstorm

Right now, just about every aspect of Kanye West’s public persona seems to be as sloppy and impassioned and impulsive as the release of The Life Of Pablo, his new album. For instance: Over the weekend, West claimed to be “53 million dollars in personal debt.” On the one hand, that number seems just about impossible, mathematically. But on the other, why would you claim something like that if it wasn’t true.

And since then, West has been on Twitter, asking for financial help from various rich Silicon Valley types and from one alleged fan in particular: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Specifically, West wants Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion in “Kanye West ideas.” He goes on about all the great things he could achieve if he had funding and about how all these tech tycoons listen to rap music at home but don’t do enough to help rappers. He even implies that it would be better to give money to him, Kanye West, rather than building schools in Africa. Here is Kanye’s plea in its messy, confusing original form:

(A quick interruption: Zuckerberg’s birthday is in May.)

So… is Kanye OK?