Taylor Swift Donates $250,000 To Kesha

Kesha was denied an injunction that would release her from Dr. Luke’s Sony-affiliated Kemosabe Records contract last Friday. The pop star filed a lawsuit last year against her longtime producer and collaborator Dr. Luke for sexual assault and emotional abuse. A New York State Supreme Court judge ruled that Kesha would remain legally bound to her contract with Sony since the label provided her with opportunities to record without Dr. Luke.

It was upsetting news, especially after a photo (pictured above) of Kesha crying after the judge read the ruling circulated on various social media platforms. Over the course of the weekend a lot of people on music Twitter wondered why other female musicians weren’t speaking out against the ruling and showing public support for Kesha. (What they should’ve been doing was asking other female artists AND other powerful men who dominate the industry to speak out as well). Taylor Swift — who just won a Grammy for Album Of The Year and made an impassioned speech about women claiming ownership over their success — probably had her Twitter mentions overflowing with assertions that she should do something to show solidarity with Kesha. Yesterday, E! reported that Swift donated $250,000 to Kesha in order to “help her with any financial needs during this trying time,” according to Swift’s spokesperson.

Other musicians have spoken out since Friday as well. Margaret Cho posted a photo of Fiona Apple showing support for Kesha on Instagram and Sky Ferreira, Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyrus, and more have since reposted.

Fiona Apple wants to #FreeKesha

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