Free Cake For Every Creature – “First Summer In A City”

Free Cake For Every Creature writes a lot about firsts: first loves and heartbreaks, the first time hanging out with someone, the first time playing a show. Katie Bennett’s easygoing approach to songwriting makes her especially attuned to capturing the sense of wonder that comes with experiencing something for the first time, how it all tends to pass by in a haze and comes to be represented by a mishmash of oddly specific memories. On “First Summer In A City,” the second song we’ve heard from Free Cake’s upcoming Talking Quietly Of Anything With You, it’s “watermelon tongue” and “city buzz,” “blue couch on the porch, and tunes through the window.” Bennett laps up her surroundings and turns them into plaintive pop songs. In the final verse, she suggests she’ll be writing about all her firsts for a long while to come: “I’ll be singing when I’m 90/ Climb a tree to see what tastes so smokey sweet/ First summer in a city.” We’d only be so lucky. Listen via The Fader below.

Talking Quietly Of Anything With You is out 4/15 via Double Double Whammy. Pre-order it here.