Open Mike Eagle & Paul White – “Admitting The Endorphin Addiction”

Underrated LA underground rapper Open Mike Eagle is in full promo mode for his excellent forthcoming album Hella Personal Film Festival. He shared the witty lead single “Check To Check” which was a lighthearted, but poignant commentary on how much we are a slave to our smartphones and other electronic devices. The followup is “Admitting The Endorphin Addiction,” and it’s another penetrating track cloaked in bouyancy. Mike wrestles with himself trying to keep himself from being too ecstatic in the early stages of a relationship, but is miserably failing because that failure feels so good. His inner tension registers strongly through a sing-song flow delivering lines like “I know is I should say goodnight/ Oh but them endorphins got me singing everything but that.” But Mike manages to diffuse his apprehension along with help from another bouncy beat from Paul White. Check it out.

Hella Personal Film Festival is out 3/25 on Mello Music Group. Pre-order is available here.