Madonna Played A Show Dressed As A Clown Where She Rode A Tricycle And Told Clown Jokes

Madonna played her first Australian show in 23 years last night. It was an intimate kickoff to her tour of the country, and was only open to fans who entered a competition on her website. She went on over four hours past her scheduled start time, and came out in a clown costume that she wore for the rest of the night. According to BBC, she reiterated throughout the night that the performance was “brand spankin’ new” and a “work in progress.”

She also apparently talked a lot in between songs, reflecting on a trip to her mother’s grave site, visiting Sean Penn in prison when she was married to him, and losing custody of her son Rocco to Guy Ritchie. And she told jokes! BBC says one of them was: “Do you guys know how you kill a clown? You go for the juggler.” The Guardian has another: “What’s the difference between a car tire and 365 used condoms?” An audience member answered: “One is a Goodyear and another is a great year.” Sounds like a fun time! Check out some videos and photos from the show below.

The grandest entrance of all time #TearsOfAClown #Madonna @madonna

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Send in the Clowns…………..don't bother there here in Melbourne💘#tearsofaclown

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Clowning around in Melbourne 💘#tearsofaclown

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